Project information

  • Category: UX Design, Site Design, Site Development
  • Client: Randalstown Arches Association

When I first joined Randalstown Arches Association, their website was dated, crowded and user hostile.

To start the process of bringing the website up to date, I had to find out what the major problems are and what improvements are needed most. In order to do this, I interviewed my colleagues and also did a public survey which was shared on social media.

From this research, it was found that:

  • The rolling accouncement banner on the top is outdated
  • Photos are outdated and don't represent the company anymore
  • Navigation needs improvement
  • Staff do not know how to use the CMS properly so the website is not kept up to date

With these points in mind, I then proceeded to look at other similar businesses and see what their websites were like.

When this was complete, I then proceeded to create a low fedelity prototype. This was then viewed by the staff and sent to the board of directors for approval.

Once this was approved at the board meeting, I could then proceed to create a high fedelity prototype to give the staff and board of directors a feel of what the final website would be like.

It was arranged that I would present a walkthrough of the prototype to the board and staff where I could take notes of any changes they would like and answer any questions

Usually at this point, I would create the wireframe to be passed onto the developers but in this case I was also developing the website

It was established that rather than trying to adjust the previous website, it would be easier to start a fresh. Once we got control of the domain and servers sorted, I then had a clean slate to start from

It took a few weeks and many hours of work but eventually, the website was complete and ready for launch

It can be viewed here.