Project information

  • Category: UX Design, Site Design, Site Development
  • Client: Randalstown Arches Association, Tidy Randalstown & Randalstown Historical Society

In April 2021, I was approached by the chairperson of Tidy Randalstown through my work at Randalstown Arches Association

They had an idea to create a heritage tales trail around Randalstown in partnership with Randalstown Historical Society. This would involve small plaques being placed in relative historical buildings around the town. The only problem was that they couldn't fit all the information onto these small plaques.

They came up with the idea to place a QR code on each plaque which when scanned, would direct the user to further information located on a section of Randalstown Arches Association's website

The chairperson of Randalstown Historical Society began to send me through information and images to be added to the new section of the website. I began to arrange these into different sections and I could then send across the corresponding QR codes to go onto the plaques.

The project can be viewed here.